Meet the PNW Staff Team!

Each of our staff members is ready to help whenever you need it! Feel free to email, DM (Via Discord), or message them (Via the Website) if you need any assistance whatsoever. Need help with training? Want to learn more about Pacific Northwest? Interested in our fleet? Feel free to reach out!

Alexander Sodha

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for operating as the highest chair at Pacific Northwest.

Michael Raymond

Director of Pilot Affairs

Responsible for all pilot questions, comments, and concerns.

Hayden Tilby

Director of External Affairs

In charge of managing all PNW involvements outside of our community.

Sawyer Grey

Lead Developer

Responsible for all livery creations as Pacific Northwest.

Oliver Knapick

Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for all marketing and branding, in addition to community building at Pacific Northwest.

Niles Rogoff


Responsible for everything website related.

Ansel Maina


The Co-Founder of Pacific Northwest.